Professional Window Tinting

Vehicle Wraps SF is one of the premier car window tinting service providers in the Bay Area. We have tinted thousands of car windows, so you can be sure that your tint project is in good hands. From bus windows to your personal car, our team of trained, professional car window tint installers will give your vehicle a high-end look and all of the benefits of perfectly tinted windows.

The highest quality windows tinting film can block over 99% of the ultraviolet rays from the sun. Not only will this cut down on glare, but it can reduce damage to your skin and eyes, as well as car upholstry. Further, the right type of window tinting can keep your car cooler on hot days, potentially saving you a little bit on gas money that would go towards your air conditioner.

Vehicle Wraps SF has been in the business of car color changes, advertising wraps, protective film, and window tinting for many years. Throughout that time, we have perfected the process, so give us a call and learn more about what we do: (510) 345-3991