matte finishes

The Vehicle Wraps SF team – in conjunction with Vinyl Wraps for Cars - specializes in a variety of different vinyl wrap services. One of our primary focuses is unique simulated paint jobs. Matte vehicle wraps have set new precedence for car aesthetics. These wraps give your car, truck, or SUV a specialty appearance of being painted without the traditional finish. This is known as a matte finish.
What are Flat or Matte Vehicle Wraps?
Matte texture, also known as flat colors, are simulated paint jobs which lack the shine of standard car paint. Many people find this appealing as gives car owners the ability to stand apart from the norm. While our Matte wraps don’t actually remove the shine finish on your car, it gives a sleek and impressive look that no standard car will be able to compete with. Check out the rest of Vehicle Wraps SF’s website for other types of vehicle wraps.