Modern & Future Car Wraps

Capabilities of Modern Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

Vinyl car wrapping has advanced greatly over the last 20 years. Whether the car owner is advertising a product or is simply looking to enhance the appearance of their ride, vinyl car wrapping is certainly a practical option. Here are some of the capabilities of modern vinyl car wraps.


Unlike the vinyl wraps of yesteryear, today's self-adhesive wraps can be easily removed at any time. While the old vehicle wraps got the job done, they were not nearly as effective. In order for the old-style wraps to stick to the body of the vehicle, the installer had to apply paint. Not only did this method cause the vinyl wrap to become difficult to remove, but it also ruined the vehicle's original paint job.

Ability to cover the entire vehicle

When vehicle wrapping first hit the scene, it was a major challenge to cover the whole vehicle. However, the arrival of large-scale vinyl printing machines enabled bumper-to-bumper wrapping of the entire vehicle. Furthermore, the flexible nature of modern vinyl wraps allows the installer to cover complex curves with ease.

Protects the vehicle's paint job

Modern vehicle graphics will not cause any harm to the underlying paint. In fact, the car wraps actually provide an additional layer of protection to the exterior of the vehicle. This means that the overall value of the automobile will be preserved. If the car owner decides to sell their vehicle in the future, a professional installer will be able to quickly peel off the vinyl wrap.

Proven durability

Modern car wraps have proved to be extremely durable. With the proper car, the vinyl wrap should remain in great condition for several years. Modern vehicle wraps are extremely resistant to the sun's powerful UV rays. You can also expect these car wraps to retain their structural integrity throughout the year.

Alternative to a new paint job

In an effort to enhance the curb appeal of their ride, many car owners choose to repaint their vehicle. Unfortunately, a poor paint job can hurt the vehicle's resale value. A vinyl wrap may be a much more convenient option. Vehicle graphics are also available in virtually any color, which is good news for custom car owners.

As you can see, modern vehicle wraps are definitely the wave of the future. Business owners and car enthusiasts can benefit from using vehicle graphics.